Our comprehensive service takes you from “sizing the prize” to sustained realisation. Our key difference from others who operate in a similar area of expertise is that we lead with our advisory service. Becoming an advisory member is a modest cost compared to the huge sums charged by consulting firms. It allows Informita to become a key support to your team to ensure that the key contribution coming from a 3rd party is expertise and knowledge.

But we recognise there will be occassions when this may not be enough. In those cases there will usually be pre-agreed rates and we will agree an additional fee based on the amount of work required to get the job done. This will be a fixed fee. If more time or resource is required, we will continue to deliver until the assignment is complete. Our assignments tend to be shorter and we try to begin the knowledge transfer process as early as possible and minimise your cost outlay.

And there will be situations where your company may not want an advisory service. In those cases we are happy to discuss the needs of a specific project on a similar fixed fee basis.

In all cases, our mission is to deliver real insight based on accumulated knowledge and frontline experience rather then textbook solutions that may not be sufficient to resolve the problem at hand.


If you would like to arrange a free 30 minute telephone meeting so that you can preview the kind of advice and support that Informita can provide please email your name, company and contact details to preview@informita.com and we will contact you to arrange a suitable meeting time.