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Working Capital: In Pursuit of Zero

This booklet describes the steps you can take to achieve zero working capital. Assuming that your company has the determination, then once these steps are complete, your company could have zero or even negative working capital. Even if half of this ambition is achieved then this will be a massive result for your business.

Achieving Change

There are many change management books out there that tend to be too long, have too much theory and have ideas that are not easy to implement. This booklet takes a different approach. This booklet lays out some practical steps that can be taken, without any need for psychological jargon, in the real workplace that will not only help to make change happen but create an environment where change is sought out and therefore will perpetuate itself. Learn more about the book at

Working Capital - What's Next?

This booklet looks at the various tools, technologies and trends that are likely to affect working capital management in the coming years and highlights those factors that will reshape the skills and knowledge required to manage working capital effectively.

The Working Capital Handbook

A short handbook to give you an overview of working capital and an understanding of the actions that drive working capital performance. Click on the cover to find out more.

The Procurement Leaders' Handbook

This handbook is designed to give an overview to procurement leaders about the things they should be concerned about that will drive results. Click on the cover to find out more.