Issue 21 - September 2017

What is on time payment? US Payment Regulations. Procurement and technology. Why does Brexit matter? - Exchange rates and passporting. Supply Chain Risk: Helium. Country Profile - South Africa. Corporate Cards - Good for working capital and procurement

Issue 20 - May 2017

TermsCheck Global Payment Analysis. New UK Reporting Regulations. New Dutch Payment Term Law. Brexit and Procurement - Will there be a mad rush? Low Cost Country Labour. Country Profile: Mexico. Float Time - Why it is a working capital myth?

Issue 19 - February 2017

Trumponomics and working capital. EU Payment Directive - 4 years on. TermsCheck – Update. Fluctuating Stock Values - What can be done? Cost or Value? Country Profile – Taiwan. Space - The final frontier for working capital?

Issue 18 - December 2016

SCF: An opportunity for procurement? Spare Parts: A simplified inventory approach. Inventory Financing. Procurement Savings: Fact or Fiction? The Hanjin Effect. Country Profile: Norway. Soft Corruption: Are you affected?

Issue 17 - September 2016

Treasurers and working capital. Too many credit holds? - A balanced view of credit risk. Payment history versus external data. 21st Century Trends - Disruptors and working capital. The Brexit Effect. Country Profile: Barbados. Cash Flow Forecasting - Garbage in, garbage out.

Issue 16 - June 2016

Pharma has €51 billion in excess working capital. Stock Coverage Model - A simpler way to spot stock surges. SSCs and AR Management. Supply Chain Finance - Payables or Debt? Inventory Financing. Country Profile: Panama. Cheap Oil - The effect on Middle Eastern Receivables.

Issue 15 - March 2016

SCF - Liquidity for the supply chain? Are you still AAA rated? - A dwindling minority. TermsCheck Update. E-Auctions - The good and the bad. Procurement - Produce Value or Die. Country Profile - Australia. Rising Interest Rates - Good or Bad for Working Capital?

Issue 14 - December 2015

Cash Flow Forecasts - How good is yours? Inventory - How much is the right amount? Off-shored SSC s - Who are the managers? AR Automation - Good or a bad idea? Terms & Conditions - Only part of procurement's job. Country Profile - Iceland. Depreciating Currency - The effect on working capital.

Issue 13 - September 2015

Cashed in or Cashed Out - What does the situation in Greece say about Supply Chain Risk? Customer Disputes - How they contribute to overdues. CashForce update. Supply Chain Bullying - Bad for the victim, bad for the supply chain. 4 Steps You Must Take To Get Paid. Country Profile - Romania. Cash Targeting - A simple and effective measure for collectors.

Issue 12 - June 2015

Our latest book is available on Amazon. Working Capital: In pursuit of Zero - How to measure DSO - Gross or Net Sales - On-shoring continues - Share Buy Backs - Too much cash with too little to do - Where you can see us in June - Country Profile: Angola - Promissory Notes - Continuing to reinvent themselves

Issue 11 - March 2015

Cash Flow Central app now available on all mobile platforms - Supply Chain Bullying - Is the game finally up? - Working Capital Reporting - Introducing CashForce - Cheap Oil - Good or bad? - - Update - Country Profile - Japan: Not that different - EU Payment Term Legislation - Survey reveals that it has almost no impact

Issue 10 - December 2014

Do you have the right payment terms? Find out at - The latest developments on Late Payment in the EU. - Can spare parts help solve the spare parts puzzle? - Commodity prices and stock values - Procurement Outsourcing - Russia: Running out of cash? - Can't Pay, Won't Pay - The wrong letter can get you into trouble.

Issue 9 - September 2014

Introducing the Working Capital Channel. Procuring Complex Business Services - Comparing Apples with Oranges.Project Management -There is no substitute. Dunning Letters - Key to good DSOs. Procurement Structures - Centralise or decentralise? Burma: Open for business? Invoice Scanning - Good or bad for Accounts Payable?

Issue 8 - June 2014

Introducing our free working capital benchmarking service. Cash Flow Forecasting - New tool available. Is ERP the first enabler or a creator of disaster? Predicting New Product Demand - Never an easy task. Procurement Categories - A basic for the profession. Ukraine: Invest or Avoid? Pharmaceutical Industry - Working Capital Survey 2014.

Issue 7 - March 2014

EU Late Payment Directive - Has anything changed? Media sector procurement - Working with creative colleagues. The Working Capital Manager - Recent developments. The end of cheap money? - Is factoring the right path? Nigeria - MINTed? Payment Recovery Services - Expense at best. Ready for more inventory? - The impact of the economic upturn.

Issue 6 - December 2013

The Working Capital Manager - a revolution in working capital reporting. Supply Chain Management - Is your inventory optimised? EU Late Payment Directive - The impact on Supply Chain Finance. Payment Terms - Compare yours with others. Achieving Change - 10 things to make change happen. Bulgaria: More improvement required. Procurement Cards - C-Solve Enterprise update.

Issue 5 - September 2013

Dash for Cash – Are you ready for year end? Public Procurement - An expensive exercise. EU Late Payment Directive - Confusion reigns. Procurement Cards - Out of Control? Working Capital – What’s Next? Croatia: Recovery stumbles on. Procurement Fraud - Spotting Mr.10%

Issue 4 - June 2013

A new solution for P-Cards. Receivables Discounters – Easy money or expensive credit?  The importance of the power of persuasion. The impact of procurement globalization. Does collection software bring down your DSO? Is the UK recovering or stagnating? Supply Chain Risk – It’s on your doorstep.

Issue 3 - March 2013

An update on the implementation of the EU Directive on Late Payment. The implications of on-shoring for cost and working capital. Is business intelligence software delivering? Why consolidate spend when there are no spend savings? Is invoice scanning all it’s cracked up to be? Ireland and its mixed recovery. Will demand sensing spell the end of volatile inventories?

Issue 2 - December 2012

How do inter-company transactions distort working capital measures? Are you aware of how supply chain risk could affect your company? Data manipulation - an underrated skill. Why temporary plant shutdowns do not have an impact on long term inventory levels. Why sourcing strategies will always need to change. A better way for short term cash flow forecasting. We look at how China is slowly losing its commercial advantages.

Issue 1 - September 2012

What tools are available to help forecasting in high risk weather driven situations? The working capital dangers in bail-out countries. Will legislation have any impact on payment terms in Europe? Should we be doing more about indirect procurement? The opportunities in spare parts management. The situation in Portugal.